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Motorcycle helmet lock reinvented

motorcycle helmet lock dsd motoring

DSD Motoring has been established for managing this new unique invention dedicated to make all riders’ life easier. Don’t have to carry your helmet in hand anymore and expose it to damages in a coffee-shop or other situations. Nobody wants to carry their helmet on a sandy beach or to a candle lighted dinner. It is a safe, stylish and easy to use solution for storing your helmet on your bike what can be useful when taking a tour, parking at the airport or just popping in a supermarket. You can carry this light weight device in your bag, backpack, tail-bag, tank-bag or just store it below the saddle. This fine product is hand-assembled piece by piece, aimed for the highest quality. The quality inspection is kept on the highest level in case of each individual product, from the beginning to the packaging. 

Lock your helmet onto the saddle and enjoy the freedom

helmet lock for motorcycle


Get this device which is absolutely universal and suitable for almost all types of bikes and helmets. It can stay with you for a lifetime and you never have to think about any type specific or other dodgy fitting solution anymore. Enhance the view of your motorbike with this attractive gadget. It takes only seconds to set up or just drop it into your backpack if it is out of use. Take advantages of this revolutionary new solution and enjoy all benefits of it without spoiling the view of your beautiful bike.  Having this object what's born to serve your comfort and offering affordable luxury everywhere. Free up a lot of space in the existing carriers when necessary and use this gear for your helmet .   

Style, comfort, security



This never seen eye catching stylish design has been built from premium materials especially for motorcycle enthusiasts who want to keep their standards on high level when they go for a ride. All metal parts like the chain, rivets, plates and padlock are made of 304 marine grade stainless steel what have been designed for industrial use to withstand roughest environmental conditions and forces for ultimate security. The water repellent cordura helmet bag with soft fleece in-liner will protect your helmet in any cases. Our unique niche product comes with a real lifetime guarantee. 

And more...

The chain

Stainless steel transmission chain dsd motoring


The chain is 304 marine grade stainless steel transmission chain what has been designed for industrial use to withstand the roughest environmental conditions and forces. That's why this gear can stay with you for a lifetime what you can use on your next bikes and next helmets too. All characteristics of this chain system will be retained for many years. 

Rivet strength test result

stainless steel plates dsd motoring


Stainless steel is a very tough material what can resist huge forces, so this structure is going to bend instead of breaking. All stainless steel rivets are pressed with 50 KN (5 Tone) force to fix the plates together. Take apart or break these joints is practically impossible used any forces what you can produce on the street.

Stainless steel padlock

stainless steel padlock dsd motoring


The locking mechanism is specially designed (patented) for this system completed with a premium quality stainless steel padlock designed for marine purposes with a highly sophisticated key and lock system. The key system is 10000 : 1 what reduces the chance to find a same one to the lowest level. These stainless steel metal parts will never rust or release any dirt on any way what can contaminate your bike or other gears.

The helmet bag to protect your helmet

helmet bag dsd motoring


It is a durable water repellent cordura helmet bag designed with two elastic lines what makes it universal to all sizes between S to XL size. The second layer soft fleece in-liner provides extra protection for your helmet against impacts. The helmet in this position, fixed on the saddle placed into this helmet bag will be perfectly protected from impacts what can happen in a small narrow parking space.

The chain cover sheath to protect your bike



This chain cover sheath is made of the same cordura fabric like the helmet bag. Its role to protect your bike from all scratches and damages may caused by the chain itself. The length of this sheath is easily adjustable to your bike. Just open the screw gate of the stainless steel wire ring and set it on the lock chain wherever you want. Our one year test period certified all these fabrics and materials. There is no scratch or damage on our bikes caused by this new gadget.

Hand-assemble production for the highest quality


This fine product is hand-assembled piece by piece, aimed for the highest quality. The quality inspection is kept on the highest level in case of each individual product, from the beginning to the packaging. Real people working hard and stand behind all joining, rivet pressing, bending, cutting, sewing and other phases of the assembly line. These people are  determined enthusiasts of this project what makes them proud. Any mistake or lack of focus is unimaginable. 

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